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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA or Remote PA) is pretty much “what it says on the tin”! A VA is a professional, who is self-employed and works from their own home or office.  They take on all sorts of administration, technical, or creative tasks for businesses who require help on a ad-hoc basis.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

As Virtual Assistants are self-employed, clients do not have to worry about hiring someone full time, giving them office space, paying taxes, pensions or benefits of any kind.  Another advantage is that clients agree any rates and expenses with the VA, so that any work taken on is 100% productive.  Furthermore, a client only pays for the hours they need.

Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Most small businesses are a one man/woman band and  therefore, the thought of employing someone to help with administration is usually considered “the next level”.  However, the paperwork then tends to pile up and stress starts to build towards the end of the month.  Business is busy, and as a result of this, the “non essential tasks” end up getting left to evenings and weekends.

Consider these questions:

Are you drowning in administration?  

Is paperwork making you uncomfortable in your home or workplace?  Do you think – “I’ll do that when I have time” and add the post to the pile?

Are you dreading the end of the month?

Do you feel disorganised, overwhelmed, stressed or just embarrassed because admin tasks have spiralled out of control?

Are you getting stressed over time pressures?

Are your invoices always late?  Is your filing tray overflowing?  Are you missing deadlines?  Is your email a mess?  Are you missing opportunities?

Have you ever wished you had more “quality time” with your friends and family?

Does it seem like every spare moment in the evenings and at weekends are taken up with answering emails, making appointments, writing quotes and invoices due to lack of office time?

There is a solution, because I LOVE the jobs you HATE!

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